Coerced Orgasm– Dream Come True or Punishment from Hell

You are on day 5—you would have thought this particular erotic punishment would have been more of a dream come true. You were caught disobeying your mistress and as punishment you were coerced to your knees to stroke for her and cum– and stroke, and cum several times until you were exhausted, then you were to go rest in your cage. You were given  7 days of coerced orgasms…again you thought this would be a dream come true.

You must have forgotten where you were stroker slut.

If you remember, you are an inmate of penis penitentiary. And you should KNOW by now that Mistress Ivy always has something up her sleeve.

Empress Ivy 800-356-6169You THOUGHT this was an exciting stroking assignment—being allowed to play with your dick non-stop, climax after climax.

What you DIDN’T factor in, was the ‘downtime’ most boys need and the extreme sensitive that comes right at the end of the orgasm….You didn’t get the downtime, and I don’t care about your sensitive balls. You WILL continue to stroke until I tell you to stop. This is what you get for disobeying me.

It is only day 5, and you have come to appreciate those that were having their orgasms denied.

You hear the tapping of my stiletto heels , the unlocking of your cage—and you quickly crawl out and are on your knees—begging your mistress to not punish you any longer.

I just look at you with my glaring eyes…and say stroke it—bitch

You take a deep breath, take your cock out and start to stroke. I guide your masturbation telling you how to stroke MY dick. (it doesn’t belong to you dear)

You try making excuses of feeling under the weather, not feeling good, being tired, blah-blah-blah

I don’t take any interest in your pleas and continue instructing you.

Nearly 45 minutes passes and you look up at me…and in a shaking voice say ‘mistress it isn’t going to happen today’Mistress Ivy 800-356-6169

I look at you and make you stroke faster…knowing your discomfort and displeasure.

You respond again ‘mistress I can’t cum today—it won’t cum’

Displeased I grab the leash and attach it to your collar leading you into a room, coercing you to lay on the table and I strap you to it.

I let out an evil laughter and tell you ‘stroker slut, you WILL cum today’

I straddle you on the table wrapping my hand around your cock and stroke it—mixing in some light cbt to ‘wake it up’

Another hour passes, and you finally reach your climax exploding hard for your mistress. I collect you cum and put it in the funnel and place it in your mouth for you to consume…

After you swallow it up—

I release you from the table…get you to your knees and tell you ‘I didn’t say to stop stroking’

This is only day 5, you are exhausted—your coerced orgasms are too much to bare…and you still have 2 days to go—or at least you hope…

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